Before you get started:
Download the latest version of the Kahi mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android phones.

If you are moving your fixed gateways after they have already been provisioned/in use to a new location, please follow the directions listed here.

Gateway Provisioning

1. Plug the gateway into a power source in an unobstructed location, preferably high up on a wall overlooking where most of your assets will be situated and near equipment exit points. 

    Tip: We recommend securing your gateway power cable with a zip tie if possible to prevent it from being unplugged.

2. Wait a few minutes for the gateway to power up.

3. Launch the Kahi mobile app and login with your Kahi user credentials.

Tip: If you are having a third-party do your gateway and asset provisioning, you can also login with a temporary QR code which you can generate from the Kahi web application. Contact our team if you need support generating this.

4. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the QR scanner (always accessible from the top right menu ‘Scanner’). From there, you will scan the QR code that is printed on the gateway label. At this stage, you will be prompted to connect your gateway to your WiFi network.

5. Open the WiFi settings on your mobile phone and look for a WiFi network called "kahi-direct-xxxxxx" (the xxxxxx will be a 6-digit hex number).

Tip: It may take up to 30 seconds for the network to show up after opening your WiFi settings.

6. Select this WiFi network and connect your phone to it. There is no password for the kahi-direct WiFi network, so leave the password field blank.

7. Your phone should open the mobile browser, or prompt you to click to open the browser, which will take you to the Kahi gateway captive WiFi setup portal.

8. In the captive web portal, select from the dropdown menu your WiFi network (SSID) that you want the gateway to use, enter the password for the network, and press the "Connect" button.

9. After pressing the button, the captive portal will be dismissed and take you back to your phone's WiFi settings. 

10. Wait 5 minutes as the gateway comes online. If successful, the gateway will have connected to your WiFi network.

Tip: You should test this by doing the following: Navigate back to the Kahi mobile app, scan the gateway and ensure it appears Online. If the gateway appears offline, the connection was not successful and you will need to repeat to steps 5-10.

11. Once you've scanned your gateway and it appears to be online, proceed through the provisioning steps including selecting a location, entering the installation area, and taking a photo of the gateway installed.

Tip: If you do not see your warehouse listed in the Location dropdown, connect with your Kahi account owner. Warehouses should be created in the web application but this feature is only available to select users. Once the warehouse has been created, scan your gateway and proceed.

12. After hitting ‘submit', the gateway should show up online within 5 minutes, which you can confirm through the Kahi web application, or using the mobile app on the ‘Gateway’ page.

Next, you will be provisioning mobile gateways and asset beacons.