As your vehicles make stops at various job sites, these locations will be proposed in Kahi as Unconfirmed Sites. The coordinates of the vehicle are reverse geocoded to the nearest address.

While most sites are discovered and proposed with a high degree of accuracy, there are several factors that may require user interaction to ensure quality data:

  • poor or inaccurate GPS location due to weather conditions
  • poor LTE signal to relay location
  • vehicle is not parked at the job site but instead at a nearby address (e.g. driveway was blocked, required to park down the street, very large facility with multiple units etc.)
  • close proximity to previous job sites, ignored sites or currently active sites

Each site has a geofence that shrinks with a site's relevance. For example, Active sites have a large radial geofence of 250m. This can cause issues when there are a number of active job sites in close proximity simultaneously, say within the confines of city blocks or neighbouring properties.

The following are the current dynamic geofence settings:

Geofence Radius
Unconfirmed (yellow)Not yet confirmed as a valid site250m
Active (green)Confirmed; has assets onsite250m
Recent (purple)Confirmed; no assets onsite but did within the last 2 weeks125m
Inactive (light blue)Confirmed; no assets onsite nor in past 2 weeks50m
Ignored (dark blue)Ignored25m

In each case, the remedy to the issue is as follows:

  • Check the list of Unconfirmed Locations for nearby addresses
    • If there is an address nearby that has been misidentified
      • Edit the address and change the name to the correct site
      • Confirm the address
    • If there is no nearby job site proposed, create the site manually (see below) by entering the address of the site
      • the assets that are within the geofence of the address will automatically "snap" to the site within a few minutes

 Visual map guide of remote location status 

How to create locations manually:

  • Login to your Kahi account

  • Click on “Locations” from the left side navigation menu, then click on “ALL”

  • A new green button will appear in the upper right corner, “New Location”

  • Add the address and name of the location per your needs (job name, account number, etc). 

    • You can drag and drop the location pin on the map to adjust the latitude and longitude as needed.

  • Click on “Create” to add this new location to your confirmed locations listings

How to delete a location:

  • Login to your Kahi account
  • Click on "Locations" from the left side navigation menu, then click on "ALL"
  • From the search bar, search for the address you wish to delete and click on the name
  • From the meatball menu beside the locations' tags, click on "Info"
  • You can choose to Edit, download an assets CSV, or Delete this location from the next page