Now that your warehouse has been created and your Kahi Fixed & Raven+ Mobile gateways have been provisioned, you will need to prepare beacons, install them to your inventory, and provision them with the Kahi Mobile app. 

Video tutorial:

Step 1: Preparation

Before you provision a beacon, prepare by installing a battery. Start by unthreading the beacon cap and inserting the battery with the Plus ‘+’ sign facing up. Press down on the sleeve to ensure good contact. Thread the cap back on.

Step 2: Installation

Now that the beacon has been prepared, it is time to physically install it to an asset. Each asset in your inventory should have one beacon installed.

  1. Install your beacon in a spot that is preferably protected to avoid getting damaged by impact.

  2. Use screws & bit provided to install the beacon to your asset.

Step 3: Provisioning

Now that the beacon has been installed, the asset needs to be provisioned using the Kahi Mobile App (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). 

  1. Navigate to the scanner, scan the QR code on the beacon.

  2. The app will walk you through the provisioning steps including providing asset details and taking photos of the beacon and asset. Note: It’s important to specify an asset’s home location for accurate asset tracking.

Complete these 3 steps for all assets in your inventory.

As the beacon needs to be online, provisioning a beacon to an asset needs to be done at the warehouse at this time. We plan to add a feature for remote provisioning in the future.

You’re now ready to start tracking if you’ve:

  1. Provisioned your fixed gateways

  2. Provisioned your mobile gateways

  3. Installed and provisioned beacons on your assets