Our team has taken the time to connect with you throughout 2020-2021 to collect valuable feedback on the initial Kahi product. Through this, we confirmed that Kahi became integrated into your daily workflow — but there were a few things we could do to better facilitate confirming and ignoring suggested job sites. 


What’s New & Improved

This release focused on bridging the gap between the locations in your organization and their geographic coordinates. In a single click, you can now view all locations alongside a contextual map view which will help you manage job and asset activity more quickly and efficiently.


Global & Navigation Updates

  • We visually updated the look of the core application.


Map & Location Updates

  • Locations are now presented alongside a dynamic map view. 

  • At the top of the location details, there are color-coded tags that indicate the type of location (active, recent, inactive, unconfirmed, ignored/deleted) and job status. Remote locations have matching color-coded icons on the main map.

  • We added tabs to quickly search or discover locations based on job status. 


Unconfirmed locations can be accessed from the main screen’s ‘Unconfirmed Locations’ notification or from the side menu under the locations navigation link. 

  • The updated contextual map view helps you make quicker decisions and work through unconfirmed job sites more easily. Simply click an unconfirmed job site to view its geographic location to confirm/ignore. 

  • You can now make informed decisions by exploring nearby landmarks and viewing the suggested geofence contextually. 

  • You can now drag and move the pin around on the map to define a job site as an alternate method to manually entering the job site's address. Moved the marker by mistake? No sweat, we included a reset action to make managing sites even easier.

  • The location’s information is easy to edit and confirm/ignore from this screen. Once you’ve edited and confirmed/ignored an unconfirmed job site, you'll be redirected back to the main unconfirmed location list.



Integration Update

We are now integrated with Encircle! When you create a claim within Encircle, an active location within Kahi will be generated automatically - no need to confirm the location manually. 

Location details and asset management + what's next

  • On each location detail page, we optimized the map to better display surrounding landmarks and geofences.

  • Locations now have tags indicating the current job status. At the top of the location details, there are color-coded tags indicating the type of location and job status. Remote locations have matching color-coded icons on the main map.

  • On the location details page, you can now access a location’s assets, job activity & timeline, images, and all other important details.

  • Stay tuned for updates to our asset management portion of the platform as well! In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to our team with your feedback on how we can improve this part of the platform. 


We know how important reliable job and asset information is to optimizing your business so this is just the start of a series of updates we’ll be rolling out to your account in the coming months. 


Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to support@kahi.io and our team would be happy to help.