Fixed gateway

The Kahi Fixed Gateway is designed to be installed at your warehouse location to provide beacons scanning while your assets are at home.

  • Online status: the gateway is powered up, and connected to WIFI, and actively scanning for beacons.
  • Offline status: the gateway is not currently powered and/or connected to WIFI. See this article for more details.

Vehicle gateway (Raven)
The Kahi Vehicle Gateway (KVG) is a forward and rear facing dash cam that connects to the ODB port of the vehicle. The KVG scans for the Kahi Beacons while in transit and reports on location while on the move and as assets deploy and demobilize from sites. The KVG also reports real-time vehicle diagnostics along with driver analytics and reporting.

  • See below of vehicle status definitions. 

Asset Beacons
Asset beacons are attached to your equipment to enable tracking with the Kahi platform. 

Equipment utilized by your company that you wish to manage intelligently with Kahi.

Asset Statuses

Homesick Status
An asset that has been away from its Home Location for a period greater than that determined by its Asset Category (default period is two weeks). 

Homeless Status
An asset that did not have a Home Location set when it was created in Kahi.

Orphaned Asset Status
This shows the last known location of an asset. You may see an orphaned asset before you "Confirm" a location, after which they will "snap" to the location if near enough.

An asset has been seen within 900 seconds by ANY gateway


An asset has been seen outside of the 900 second window




Locations and Location Statuses

Fixed Location
Generally, this would be the company warehouse or office address (where your assets are typically stored).

Home Location
When assets are provisioned, they are usually assigned a Home Location, which is the location that the asset is expected to return to after use in the field. Usually, the Home Location is determined by proximity to your nearest Fixed Location.

Active Status
Confirmed job locations which currently have assets onsite.

Recent Status
Confirmed job locations with no assets onsite currently, but did so within the last 2 weeks.

Inactive Status
Confirmed job locations, with no assets onsite currently nor within the past 2 weeks.

Unconfirmed Status

Locations that have not yet been confirmed as a valid job site.

Ignored Status
Locations that were reviewed and determined to not be current job locations. 

Vehicle (Raven) Statuses

Tracking Status - Online or Offline

Online indicates that the vehicle is in use, running, and actively reporting.

Offline indicates that the vehicle is not in use for a period of time or the OBD port connection is loose/disconnected (possibly requiring further investigation if its offline for any other reason).

Relevance Status - Inactive or Active

Relevance status indicates whether the vehicle is currently transporting assets.
Active indicates that there are assets affiliated with the vehicle.
Inactive indicates that there are no assets affiliated with the vehicle.

Battery Status

Indicates that the battery power for a particular asset is at a low level, and will soon need to be replaced.


Indicates that the battery power for a particular asset is at a critical level, and can impact tracking; battery will need to be replaced immediately to ensure continued tracking ability.

Warehouse count
Shows the current number of assets physically located at that warehouse, regardless of 'home location'. This will include all assets assigned to that warehouse AND any visiting assets with a Kahi beacon.

Asset count (by location)

Shows the current number of assets assigned to that particular home location. Only those assets that call a particular "warehouse location" home are listed there. Visiting assets are not included in this list.