You've provisioned your fixed gateways and they were online, but now they aren't. What happened?

1. Loss of WiFi network. This is the most common reason we see for a gateway to go offline. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Network changed
  • WiFi password changed
  • Internet connection was lost

For WiFi loss, the gateway should start broadcasting the "kahi-direct-xxxx" WiFi captive WiFi network. Follow from step 5 from the Provisioning Kahi Fixed Gateway procedure.

2. Power source has been disrupted. Check your fixed gateway to make sure that it is still plugged into the power source. 

Securing your gateway power cable with a zip tie, for example, can help prevent it from being unplugged accidentally.

3. Gateway failure. This is rare, but a possibility. Once ruling out the other two reasons, we will further investigate the gateway device itself for any potential defects. Contact for further assistance!

Power Loss

If your fixed gateway loses power, the assets will have their last location denoted in the platform. Once power is restored to the gateway, the asset locations will come back online. 

If assets are removed from the warehouse during the outage via a vehicle outfitted with the mobile (Raven) device, they will then be tracked by the mobile gateways 

We require 2 fixed gateways in each warehouse for redundancy purposes. In the event of a power loss, if the internet router and the gateway were on a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), they would continue to operate.