After an asset is either scanned in via the mobile app or added manually via the web-app, it will be listed under your "Assets" tab. From this tab is where you will be able to delete an asset.

1. Find the asset you wish to delete in your "Assets" list, and click on its name.

2. At the top, under "Asset Details", click the red "delete" button. This will softly delete the asset.

An asset is softly deleted before you are given the option to permanently delete it. If you 'soft' delete an asset, it is removed from the "active" list, to the "deleted" list, and can be restored later if needed. The beacon address will still be assigned to that asset.

If you intend to reuse the beacon from a deleted asset for another asset, the originally provisioned asset must be permanently deleted so that the beacon address can be reassigned properly. 

You can view your "soft deleted" assets by clicking on the "deleted" tab in the Assets view:

To switch back to the "active" list, simply click the "active" tab!

To permanently delete an asset or to restore it as an active asset, find it in your "deleted" list and click on its name. You will be offered the ability to "restore" it, or to permanently "delete" the asset. 

Warning! If an asset is deleted from this point, it will be permanent and cannot be undone!