An unplugged event is when the mobile gateway unit (Raven) is not receiving power from the vehicle or a cable is loose.

If you notice this status for one of your devices, it could be that someone may have unplugged the device, or there is a loose connection from the OBD cable to Raven. The OBD fuse on the the vehicle can also cause the same issue. 

The unplugged event is essentially informing you that 12 volts of power has been severed to the Raven. The Raven will shut down and be unavailable via LTE if the car battery is 11.9 volts or lower. 

Though the Raven is equipped with an internal battery, it is not meant for operation, and is intended to be used for troubleshooting and data transfer. 

Without the needed power, the mobile gateway will run out of battery and will halt the tracking of assets. Once power is restored to the mobile gateway and it is back up and running, the assets within the vehicle will then snap to the mobile location. 

  • Depending on when power was lost, assets may remain assigned to their 'home' location (if they were not picked up prior to the power loss), or they may fall into a homesick state until they are picked up by the re-powered mobile unit, or returned to a warehouse with a fixed gateway. 

Tip: Check the OBD connection to your mobile (Raven) unit to ensure it is plugged in securely. 

If you are using an adaptor for the port, check the connection as well. Please contact if you have continued issues with the connection for other troubleshooting ideas!