Unconfirmed Locations are potential job sites that are detected by Kahi. It is very important to review these on a daily basis via the alert shown on the map. 

Clicking on the alert will present a list of Unconfirmed Locations for review. 

From the list of locations, you can click on the name of a location to view the details on the proposed address. 

The address and name can be modified at this stage. Sometimes the address may be slightly off, depending on where the vehicle is parked. 

  • Edit the address to set the correct location if needed.

  • Name can also be edited here if you wish to change it to something more specific (job number, client name, etc.). 

CONFIRM the address to accept the proposed/edited location as a job site.

IGNORE the address if they are not, in fact, job sites, such as employee homes, gas stations, lunch stops, extended stops in traffic, etc.

  • It is important to ignore these types of locations so that the location will not be proposed again as Unconfirmed.

Early on, some training of the platform needs to take place; it is expected that over time, there will be fewer “false positive” locations as routine stops are eliminated. 

Duplicate Locations

When confirming a location, you may receive an error indicating either a duplicate Name or Address, or notice it listed again after previously correcting/confirming a location:

  • Should this occur:
    • Check nearby addresses for already Confirmed locations
    • "Ignore" the duplicate address
Please contact support@kahi.io should you have any issues with duplicated job sites!