Encircle Integration - Branded Job Sites 

We’ve enhanced how Encircle-integrated job locations are presented! Now with company branding, you can visually identify those job sites created with your Kahi-Encircle integration!

Curious about our integration with Encircle? Drop a line to support@kahi.io for more information on how Kahi + Encircle can work for you! 

End User License Agreement

In the coming days, Kahi Account owners will be presented with an End User License Agreement upon sign-in. Though this Agreement has always been in place and already acknowledged by those currently signed up with Kahi, we are formalizing the process for future updates and clients.  

The account owner will be required to review and accept the terms outlined in the Agreement prior to continued use of the platform. Other users on the account may find their access impacted until this Agreement is reviewed and accepted. 

Have questions about this Agreement? Please send your inquiries to support@kahi.io