For reporting, we offer a few options for you to use the data Kahi collects. 

You are able to download a report (or the raw data via CSV or Excel file) per job/location that provides you with asset activity for that specific job. This report can be used for determining billing needs.  

The report includes name, address, lat and long coordinates, asset activity details such as arrival date/time, departure date/time, hours onsite, 24hr periods, and calendar days.

You can also download asset activity reports per warehouse.

Additionally, you can download an asset CSV file that shows you all assets (with additional filters - by location, status, categories, battery status and home status).

With our open API, we would be interested in seeing how we can collaborate with other reporting platforms to bring you the reporting you need with the data we do gather. 

Let us know what you'd like to see when it comes to reports. Email with suggestions for report types, content, columns, etc.